Take advantage of Nicks’ knowledge on an array of topics to richen your Yoga class and to also try something new.

Well-known for reducing Asthmas’ impact on children through to adults, Nick offers Asthma-reducing breathing programs based on the extensive work of Konstantin Buteyko and Hatha Yoga.

Altitude Adaptation
With extensive experience training, coaching and racing at Altitude, experience the relief of easy-breathing up high having applied Hypoxic-training breathing fundamentals.

With deep respect for the base principles surrounding each persons true nature, Nick can help you improve your digestion, seasonal balance and well-being with Ayurveda.

Nicks wellbeing-based approach to sport has resulted in his French-language bikefitting service Etude Posturale Velo being one of the top-rated cycling positioning services in France. Improve your position, understanding and enjoyment of cycling with a one-on-one bikefit and postural session.